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Advanced Dual-Stream Non-Linear Editing System


The acclaimed Velocity non-linear editing system is the ultimate “no compromise” dual-stream real time solution for digital video and content creation professionals. Whether producing content for video, broadcast, CD-ROM, DVD or the web, Velocity™ provides the features and workflow that professionals have come to depend on.

Velocity™ combines dual-stream real-time hardware with powerful NLE software into exceptional integrated solutions with guaranteed real-time performance and an unparalleled level of efficiency, reliability and ease of use. Built on the dpsReality hardware platform, Velocity™ features two video streams and two dynamic graphics layers, plus real-time 3D transitions and DVEs with the V3DX™3D DVE module.

Velocity™ harnesses this real time power into an intuitive, flexible and customizable interface that makes even the most complex editing tasks easy. The comprehensive feature set includes powerful features such as 3 and 4-point editing, batch re-digitizing, mixable compressed and uncompressed video, and real time filters including color correction and variable speed changes. With user-definable hotkeys, selectable A/X/B and single-track timeline modes, an optional external jog/shuttle controller and more, you can choose the control method and editing style you prefer.

With Velocity™, you get the ultimate in quality, productivity, flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. Velocity™ non-linear editing solutions – serious systems for serious professionals.

To build an exceptional NLE with guaranteed real-time performance, you have to start with a solid foundation. Velocity™ is built on the hardware expertise that won us an Emmy® Award in 2000 for Outstanding Achievement in Television Technology. Velocity™ runs on the dpsReality digital disk recorder, featuring real-time playback of two video streams and two graphics streams, plus real-time 3D effects with the optional V3DX daughtercard. The dpsReality hardware supports compressed and uncompressed video playback and recording, providing unparalleled video quality, and includes an integrated SCSI controller. dpsReality packs all of this power, plus professional I/O (including composite, Y/C, component, and optional DV and SDI), multi-channel audio mixing, video mixing, keying and alpha channel support onto a single PCI card that requires just one IRQ.

Our award-winning Velocity™ software includes a wide range of features that increase productivity and enhance the editing interface and workflow. The editing timeline features selectable A/X/B and single-track timeline modes, real-time support for video files with alpha channel, independent variable track scaling, mute and solo of video and audio tracks, multiple timeline support and more. Captured clips and other media are easily organized into one or more tabbed customizable galleries. Media can be played, sorted, searched and managed right within the galleries, while mouse controls, user-definable hotkeys, and an optional jog/shuttle controller let you pick your favorite style of editing.

In addition to flexible picon viewing options on timeline clips, Velocity™ features EyeCon View. EyeCon View continuously displays the picons and clip timecode of all visible layers based on the current playhead position, providing constant visual reference for all layers on the timeline while scrubbing and aligning clips, and making it easy to precisely align specific frames across layers.

Clips can be trimmed directly on the timeline or with the advanced Trim Window, which provides easy 3 and 4-point edit modes including insert, overlay, slip, slide, and fit-to-fill.

Velocity™'s two-camera editing mode makes editing a sequences using multiple camera angles easy and intuitive. Sequences from two cameras can be “sliced and diced” interactively as you view your sources in real-time, directly from the timeline – no special plug-ins required! Sequences can even be switched while playing at faster than real-time, enabling multi-cam edits to be performed in a fraction of the time of the actual sequence. Multi-camera edits can be refined before applying them back to the timeline with cuts or transitions. Editing a multi-camera shoot has never been easier or faster!

Capturing footage is accurate and flexible, with methods ranging from quick capture to frame-accurate batch capture. Uncompressed and variable compression playback and recording are supported for perfect quality every time, with the flexibility to mix compressed and uncompressed footage in the same timeline. Proc amp controls, color correction, and an integrated waveform monitor and vectorscope display help keep your video levels within spec and allow you to easily fine-tune both incoming and captured video. Batch recapture allows footage to be captured at offline compression rates, and later replaced with higher quality footage for output.

Hundreds of predefined and customizable transitions and effects are included and fully keyframeable for precision control. Real time effects including variable speed changes, reverse, color correction, “garbage mattes” and keying can be combined simultaneously with transitions and rolling and crawling titles, providing maximum creative flexibility. With the V3DX 3D DVE module, 3D effects such as rotation, perspective and warp can be applied to graphics as well as video, and played back simultaneously with wipes and other effects in real time. If you ever do need to render, DPS Render Bank technology remembers previously rendered segments, eliminating re-rendering.

Velocity™ lets you easily create output directly from the timeline for any popular distribution format — video tape, CD-ROM, DVD or the web. Web formats including RealNetworks® RealVideo® , Microsoft® Windows Media™ and QuickTime™ can be output from the timeline in real time, plus Ligos™ GoMotion™-powered MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 formats for CD-ROM and DVD authoring. In addition to creating on-demand web files, Velocity™ can also stream to the web live from the timeline. Live video from a camera or deck can be combined in real time with titles, transitions, and previously captured clips, and streamed live for exceptional webcasting flexibility.

Audio is an essential part of any production. Velocity™ provides real time 8-channel audio mixing and monitoring, with real time parametric EQ for audio sweetening. Tracks can be muted or soloed, and if you need more audio channels, you can automatically mix down additional audio tracks for real time preview. Audio control nodes can be created on-the-fly by using the sliders during playback, and voiceover and analog-style scrub make working with audio easy. For additional effects and filters, DirectShow-compatible audio plug-ins can be applied to clips directly in the timeline.

Interoperability features such as EDL import and export, and optional OMF and AAF support make it easy to interchange projects and media files with other editing systems and post production tools for collaborative work. Plus, our uniquely flexible DPS Virtual Tape File System™ (VTFS™) provides seamless and transparent integration and file interchange with graphics, animation, and compositing systems. Each frame of video is simultaneously available in ten popular image file formats, including TGA, BMP, and TIF. Animation sequences can be rendered directly to the VTFS, then easily accessed for playback and editing.

Included with Velocity™ is Digital Fusion DFX+™ 4.0, the latest version of the advanced, modular, resolution independent compositing and effects software from eyeon. DFX+ is designed to allow you to easily add a professional finish to your productions and video sequences. DFX+ will allow you to move quickly from concept to final production with the same speed, precision, and productivity as the award-winning Digital Fusion™.

DFX+ expertly combines an incredible toolset with benchmark speed, bringing expensive high-end capabilities to the cost effective desktop. With a powerful flow-based process, comprehensive tools and many high-end plug-ins available, complex compositions and designs can be achieved with ease. Direct timeline integration with Velocity™ makes it easy for users to harness the power of DFX+ directly from the editing timeline. DFX+ effects such as glows, defocusing and warps can be applied to clips from the Velocity™ timeline, and entire timeline regions can be sent to DFX+ for processing.

DFX+ features broad format support of over 20 professional image and 3D file formats, with a groundbreaking multi-threaded design that gets the maximum performance out of multi-processor systems. Other features include the Text+ advanced character generator, format and aspect ratio conversion, powerful spline controls to animate any tool, and polygonal effects masks that can be animated to apply effects to user definable regions. DFX+ can be expanded via optional modules to include highly advanced features such as tracking, advanced keying, film import, 3D depth tools, network rendering and more.



  • Fully integrated hardware/software solution

  • Velocity™ real time NLE software

  • Reality™ hardware – single slot, single IRQ PCI card

  • Real time simultaneous playback of 2 video streams & 2 graphics streams

  • On-board dedicated ultra-wide SCSI interface

  • Compressed and uncompressed recording and playback

  • Mix compressed and uncompressed clips in the same project

  • Flexible analog video I/O: composite, component & Y/C

  • Balanced & unbalanced stereo analog audio I/O

  • Direct support for DV I/O through host computer’s built-in IEEE-1394 port or OHCI-compliant IEEE-1394 interface card

  • Accepts optional SDI and digital audio I/O cards

  • Full frame 720 x 486 (NTSC) or 720 x 576 (PAL) resolution

  • Dedicated preview channel video output

  • Adjustable genlock timing referenced to video input

  • Real time 8-channel hardware audio mixing Real time parametric audio EQ

  • Direct timeline support for DirectShow-compatible audio plug-ins

  • Real time 2D and 3D DVE, including picture-in-picture, perspective, warp and rotation (Velocity™-3D only)

  • Real time rolls and crawls

  • Real time variable speed changes and reverse playback

  • 200+ customizable, keyframeable real time 2D transitions (12-bit ultra-smooth anti-aliased wipes with colored and soft-edge borders)

  • 200+ customizable, keyframeable real time 3D transitions with sub-pixel movement for superb quality (Velocity™-3D only)

  • Fully keyframeable real time proc amp controls and color correction Real time keyframeable chroma/luma keyer  (Velocity™-3D only)

  • Real time support for 32-bit video files with alpha channel

  • Real time masks and “garbage mattes” (Velocity™-3D only)

  • Integrated waveform/vectorscope display

  • Batch Capture, Recapture and Print-to-Tape support RS-422 and DV control

  • Stand-alone logging tool for generating batch capture lists

  • Multiple timeline support (tabbed or free-floating)

  • Multiple tabbed galleries (bins) with search and database-style detail modes

  • EyeCon View™ for constant display of picons and clip timecode of all visible layers at playhead while scrubbing and aligning clips

  • Selectable A/X/B or single-track editing modes (can be toggled while working)

  • Two-camera editing

  • User definable hot keys

  • Trim window with advanced 3 and 4 point edits

  • Flexible timeline interface with independently variable track heights, mute/solo and show/hide of video and audio tracks

  • EDL import and export

  • Interoperability module featuring OMF and AAF import and export

  • Render Bank™ technology remembers previously rendered segments

  • DPS Virtual Tape File System™ provides seamless integration with third party graphics/animation applications

  • DFX+ compositing and advanced effects with direct timeline integration

  • Live video processing including real time titling and transitions

  • Real time support of web streaming video formats Export RealNetworks® RealVideo®, Microsoft® Windows Media  Format™, AVI, QuickTime™, MPEG-1 and DVD-compliant MPEG-2 files directly from the timeline

  • Live webcasting combining live video & audio with prerecorded footage, titles & transitions

  • Integrated remote control support for optional Panasonic WJ-MX20 switcher for multi-camera live webcasting

  • Bundled DVD authoring, professional titling and audio sweetening software

Even with everything that’s built into Velocity™, you may want to add additional tools to your tool kit, and Velocity™ is fully compatible with a wide range of third-party applications. In addition to eyeon’s DFX+ compositing and image processing software, applications for DVD authoring, audio sweetening and character generation are bundled. Plus, every Velocity™ system includes the dpsReality™ software application, the ultimate tool for compiling and outputting animations.

DVDit! SE™
Velocity™ is ideal for producing DVDs, giving you all the tools needed from start to finish. After creating DVD-compliant MPEG-2 files directly from the timeline, use the bundled Sonic DVDit! SE authoring software to author them into a DVD with menus, buttons and chapters, and output it directly to a broad range of DVD and CD recorders. For users with more advanced DVD authoring needs, MPEG-2 files created with Velocity™ are also compatible with a variety of other third-party DVD authoring packages.

Both basic and advanced titling utilities are included. Simple rolls, crawls and still titles can be created quickly with the integrated QuickTitler, while eyeon’s bundled DFCG provides an easy interface to DFX+’s Text+ tool with advanced features such as text-on-paths. For more sophisticated tasks, the bundled Cayman Graphics Power CG adds a more powerful titling interface and enhanced CG options such as graphical backgrounds, logos and more.

For advanced precision audio sweetening and manipulation, we include Sonic Foundry’s Sound Forge XP Studio. This comprehensive digital audio editing package includes a wide range of tools, including normalization, pitch bending and shifting, smooth/enhance, noise gate, file format conversion and more.



Rackmountable breakout box consolidates all video and audio connections for a truly professional installation. (Included with "Deluxe" Velocity™ bundles)


The optional Velocity™ color-coded custom keyboard makes it even easier to take advantage of Velocity™'s extensive array of hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts.

FAD-5000 motorized external audio fader controller provides an easy, tactile interface to Velocity™Q and Velocity™’s audio mixing capabilities.

JOG-5000 External hardware jog/shuttle controller provides tactile precision control for scrubbing, trimming, editing and deck control.





Velocity™ NLE System with Real Time 2D Effects


Velocity™ NLE System with Real Time 3D Effects


Velocity™ Deluxe NLE System with Real Time 3D Effects and Professional AV Breakout Box




Velocity™ NLE System with Real Time 2D Effects


Velocity™ NLE System with Real Time 3D Effects


Velocity™ Deluxe NLE System with Real Time 3D Effects and Professional AV Breakout Box




NTSC SDI Input/Output Module


PAL/NTSC SDI Input/Output Module


NTSC DV Input/Output Module


PAL/NTSC DV Input/Output Module


NTSC Combination SDI & DV Input/Output Module


PAL/NTSC Combination SDI & DV Input/Output Module


NTSC V3DX Real Time 3D Effects Processor Module


PAL/NTSC V3DX Real Time 3D Effects Processor Module


Professional Rackmountable AV breakout Box


Velocity™ Color-Coded Custom Keyboard


External Hardware Jog/Shuttle Controller
External Motorized External Audio Fader Controller




Upgrade to Velocity™ 8.1 for registered users of the full version of Velocity™ 7.6 with DFX+.


Upgrade to Velocity™ 8.1 for registered users of the basic (free) version of Velocity™ 7.6, or earlier versions of Velocity™.


Upgrade to Velocity™ 8.1 for registered users of the full version of dpsReality 2.5 with DFX+.


Upgrade to Velocity™ 8.1 for registered users of the basic (free) version of dpsReality 2.5, or earlier versions of dpsReality.


A variety of Digital Fusion and DFX+ Compositing, Paint and Special Effects Software Modules are available to augment Velocity™.

TMD Inscriber

Inscriber TitleMotion Plug-in


A wide range of spare cables, assemblies and RS-422 Adapters are available.


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