ivsOnAir is a revolutionary playout solution for the production of television Infochannel kind programs, adaptable to any kind of demand; television news, live sports, elections, video portal, advanced live titling and with the option ivsVideoJUKEBOX it is possible to broadcast  video on demand and interative games.

It has been realized "around" real needs of television broadcasters who have collaborated with us to the realization of the project.

ivsOnAir improves any other pre-existent realizations under all the points of view; with only one system, you can get the most advanced video server and infochannel, we are able to add 4 video sources, live and coming from Hard Disk Drives (LAN and SAN are fully supported) and to scale, rotate and to position them through three high quality 3D  DVEs.


Twelve indipendent graphic layers are used to handle: two tickers (two indipendent crawl rows, different for color, size, font, speed, direction, trasparency, shadow), a real time customizable clock (date, day, year, hh:mm:ss) and others 9 graphic layers (to add other news, broadcaster, sponsor, decorative elements, logos, etc.).


Video quality is the highest available, all graphics and videos supported can be from YUV 4:2:0 to RGB 4:4:4:4 in compressed or uncompressed formats  with indipendent resolution from  SD to 2K.


All the playable elements (organized in 13 playlists and 3 panels) are totally dynamic; it is possible to change all during the live broadcast in both remotely by clients and locally using the main user interface; add, remove, edit ,change playlist order and trim IN-OUT points of the news, video clips and graphics during the playback. It is possible to change color, size, shadows, transparency and position of the Crawls and static text news in live broadcast session, as well as changing speed and direction of Crawls.


Some presets are bundled with the software, but thanks to the built-in tools (DVEs, graphic layers, etc. ), any users can create his own presets very easily.


All the news and in general all playlists can be updated or added both locally and remotely, through unlimited clients or automatic .xml and .txt file recognition.


For interactive TV programs, ivsOnAir can handle SMS sent by mobile phones, not only to show them live, but to deliver playlists too (e.g. video juke box, live polls, etc.)


ivsOnAir can be easily integrated with third party softwares to add other custom features.




3 AUDIO/VIDEO clips  PLAYLISTS: from SD to 2K in compressed and uncompressed formats


1 Clock/Timer Generator

5 Title/NEWS Playlists

3 Graphics/Logo Playlists: 24 or 32 Bit TGA/TIFF files

1 Graphic 720x576 32bit


ivsNewsAutoUpdater Client:

This client imports news from xml or txt files received via ftp, LAN or internet provided by news vendors or from in site journalists. News are filtered according their category (Sports, economics, etc.) allowing to the user to define in which zone of the screen to display the desired category. Once news are imported, the user can edit, modify, add or delete news, whithout affecting the live playback.

ivsOnAir Automation Client:

This client allows the scheduling of all the video and graphic playlists in order to satisfy all requirements of any broadcast network interfacing also a SQL database.

ivsVideoJUKEBOX Client:

This client allows to change or to add audio/video clips in playlists, simply receiving SMS from users  in way to emulate a jukebox.

ivsSportManager Client:

Live sport show often needs for a very quick results and standings update. ivsSportsManager helps TV stations to create amazing presets and to update results and standings taking datas from an .xls or .mdb file (Microsoft Excel or Access files). Updating the results, the database automatically updates the standings, and in less than 1/10 of second all graphics are "on air" ready.

ivsSMSManager Client:

Interactive TV becomes more important day by day. ivsSmsManager can display SMS sent from anywhere whithout retyping the text, allowing the user to filter, edit,modify or delete them. SMS can be used for fee televoting, an important earning for today's TV productions. ivsSmsManager adds the capability to automatically update the results of the public vote,with appropriate text, pictures and videos


Collaborative Workflow:

ivsOnAir  bundles unlimited licences of ivsNewsEditor, a stand alone news text editor, that allows to workgroups to collaborate to the workflow editing news and building the same project.


Video Inputs:

ivsOnAir supports different selectable inputs in live mode: SDI, DV, YUV Component, Y/C Component and CVBS. Adding more any Quattrus hardware as the cheaper Q2D-5010 it is possible add more live inputs.


Video Outputs:

ivsOnAir supports dual indipendent video outputs channels contemporanely avalable in SDI, YUV Componet, Y/C Component and CVBS.

Also, It is possible assign each output channel to display one the Fill and one the Key signal or it is possible to handle two different playouts and relative group of playlists or share eventually the same playlists.


Video standards:

ivsOnAir supports both Pal and NTSC, HD and 2K.


Audio I/O:

ivsOnAir supports Analog balanced and unbalanced, SPIDIF, AES EBU, SDI embedded Audio I/O.

ivsOnAir bundles ivsAudioDelay, that allows to adjust audio delay to user's needs.



ivsOnAir supports a large number of switchers from Kramer and Leitch.



Currently available in English and Italian languages, ivsOnAir supports quick translation into  any languages, with any font specifications.

Additional Informations
A turnkey ivsOnAir price equipped with Black Magic Design Hardware may vary on system configuration and number of inputs/outputs availability.



ivsOnAir Demo version is available as free download at it is a full working version with watermark logos and without saving capabilities.

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Company contact: please contact Mr. Paolo Castellano to +39-3473890560 or



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