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The Velocity™ family of non-linear editing systems has always stood for an outstanding combination of quality, performance, flexibility and affordability at a remarkable price.



The revolutionary Harris VelocityHD  format-flexible non-linear editing system delivers an exceptionally powerful and affordable HD/SD editing solution for any post production environment.  VelocityHD™ extends the Velocity traditional strenght  into high definition, bringing guaranteed, full-quality, real-time editing performance to the HD domain.



The VelocityQ advanced SD multiple-stream non-linear editing system is the  “no compromise” real-time solution for post production and content creation professionals. VelocityQ combines the amazing real-time Quattrus hardware and powerful VelocityNLE software into an exceptional integrated solution with guaranteed real-time performance and an unparalleled level of efficiency, reliability and ease of use.


Velocity is the more diffused and mature dual-stream non-linear editing system available into the Velocity™ NLE systems family. The revolutionary Reality card is the core of the system using the ever actual Velocity software version 8 also available in Italian Language. Optionally it is still  expandable with the strength of ivsPowerTools2007.


VelocityX is the ultimate field and offline editing companion for VelocityHD™ and VelocityQ™, unleashing the powerful, flexible and intuitive Velocity™ user interface in a hardware-independent, software-based non-linear editing and effects solution.





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