IVS products are widely distributed globally by a network of authorized resellers. Some markets are followed directly by our staff in Italy, from Rome and Naples. For any request you can write to, and we will find the commercial solution best suited to your needs.

Skype: paoloivs or robertoivs
Tel,:  +39-081-7879046
Fax:  +39-081-19318005



Interactive Video Systems (IVS)

Main operative headquarters:

Via Padule s.n.c

83024 Monteforte Irpino (AV) - Italy.


IVS headquarters are conveniently located near Naples into Monteforte Irpino, next to "Avellino Ovest" exit on the highway A16. 


Where to buy

Purchasing IVS products is very easy, immaterial products like software licences are usually not subjected to VAT. We accept all the most common paying methods, including Paypal, major credit cards and bank transfers.