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IVS, Interactive Video Systems, was born in Naples in 1995 on an idea of Roberto Castellano, a pioneer in 3D graphics and non linear video editing. Our CEO worked for other leading companies but he understood that the key to the success was to provide an high level of support. Thanks to the contribution of his brother Paolo, who joined IVS as international sales manager, for many years in a row IVS doubled its turnover, in the early 2000s, one of the most important distributors of NLE systems in Europe and the world. IVS sold several hundreds of Velocity turnkey systems based on hardware/software by Matrox, DPS, Leitch and Harris, as well as solutions, cameras, recoders, monitors, projectors from Sony, Panasonic, JVC, and all the top suppliers. Today IVS is focused around its advanced software, that includes one of the world's best NLE, i.e. ivsEdits, its special versions for broadcasters, instant replay, ivsCapture and ivsRecode for file capture and transcoding, and the ivsEdits On Air Server, an advanced "channel in a box" playout software.

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IVS, Interactive Video Systems è un'azienda italiana che svolge una serie di attività attinenti il mondo dell'information tecnology e dell'audio/video professionale, con particolare attenzione per il cinema e la televisione. IVS sviluppa una serie di prodotti rivoluzionari, inclusi il famoso ivsEdits e le sue versioni speciali per l'instant replay e VAR, e per la messa in onda televisiva (ivsEdits OnAir Server). IVS dal 1995 costruisce workstation per l'editing video "chiavi in mano" e fornisce telecamere, ottiche, accessori e tutto ciò che è necessario per la produzione video, dalla ripresa, fino alla finalizzazione, fornendo installazione, formazione e supporto per gestire l'intero workflow aziendale.

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