IVS main product is ivsEdits, a non linear audio/video editing software with advanced features for broadcasters and TV production. Our strength is being able to follow all users, providing a superior support that is impossible for large multinationals, and the possibility of creating customized versions and functions on individual requests. At a time when other manufacturers are always boasting greater artificial intelligence action, those who choose ivsEdits often do so for the opposite. We provide the best tools to enhance human creativity, because editing is also an art and a pleasure: the intuitiveness of the interface serves to concentrate all the positive energies on the ideas, without having to think about which buttons to press or how to make them happen. ivsEdits is available in various versions, Free, Pro, OnAir (for television broadcasting), Instant Replay, and REC Assist (for television production and recording of news programmes). The IVS software range is completed by ivsCapture, an advanced program for multi-channel audio video recording, ivsCapture RSX, a next-gen capture program created specifically for the needs of instant replay and live television production, ivsRecode for transcoding files into batch. There is also a series of plugins developed for legacy systems such as dpsReality, dpsVelocity, Quattrus, Altitude and others.